We are very pleased to inform you that effective August 1, 2015 CR&R Incorporated will begin providing street sweeping services in your neighborhood. This service will be provided twice a month, AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE. A service day map is provided at the bottom of this notification. We are adding this new service as part of our new contractual agreement between the City of Blythe and CR&R Incorporated.

We would ask that you please review the map mentioned below. This map will identify when your street will be swept. Please do not park any vehicles on the street during your assigned street sweeping service day. Also, please remove any items that may be left on the curb including basketball hoops or other potential obstructions. If there are cars or other obstructions left on the street when our sweeper drives by, we will simply sweep around those obstacles. Please remember that your street will be swept twice per month.

In addition, we recently informed you of the residential trash and recycling changes that were implemented throughout the City. These changes were made in order to accomplish three main goals: increase the City’s recycling rates to meet State Recycling Mandates, standardize collection services throughout the City and mitigate the environmental hazards associated with unregulated alley trash service. Please partner with us to assist the City in attaining these goals by making sure you separate your trash and recyclables. Trash and small amounts of yard waste can go into your black cart and all your recyclables should go into your blue cart. Separating the materials will help to maximize your recycling efforts by keeping the materials cleaner and less contaminated. Large amounts of yard waste can also be taken to our facility at 14701 S. Broadway. Also, please make sure your carts are accessible to our collection vehicles on trash day by removing any potential obstacles that are within three (3) feet of your carts.

Again, please do your part to help our environment by placing all your recyclables in your BLUE CART and all your trash in your BLACK CART.

Lastly, if you have any questions about street sweeping or trash and recycling services please contact our Customer Service Team at (800) 755-8112, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and participation!

Click here for a Street Sweeping Schedule (PDF – 304KB)