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December 30, 2020: Notice to all CR&R customers
It has become apparent that our company, our valued employees and our customers are not immune to what COVID-19 has brought. Over the past nine months we have tried our best to work through both internal and external challenges. These include supply chain issues with providers of everything from trash carts to truck parts. As well as our most important asset – our people. Like many other businesses, we are impacted by a shortage of drivers, office personnel and maintenance staff as a result of COVID-19. You may have experienced temporary delays in service due to this on-going issue. Please be assured that we are doing everything we can to minimize any impact to your regular service schedule and we ask for your continued understanding as we work through any potential service delays. If you should experience a delay in service, we are requesting that you wait an additional day before calling our office. This will reduce any potential for longer than normal hold times on the phone. Our commitment is to ensure that any missed collection services are addressed the following day.

CR&R Incorporated is committed to improving the environment in which we all live in by providing efficient, effective and cutting edge solid waste and recycling services which not only reduce the impact on our world but also offer sustainable solutions to our most pressing environmental challenges. Our investment in cutting edge technology, aimed at reducing our carbon footprint, started over three decades ago by building what is today a world class recycling infrastructure. While others were investing in landfills to bury trash, we focused on materials processing centers which today help to move thousands of tons of recyclable materials per year. Our investment in Alternative Fuel Vehicles and Fueling Stations also helps to clean up the air throughout Southern California by allowing us to run clean burning natural gas vehicles. Our latest venture includes the construction of a state of the art Anaerobic Digester which will allow us to process organic waste from throughout the region and create a renewable natural gas to fuel our trucks. This will be the cleanest fuel available in California. CR&R Incorporated is dedicated to finding ways to help improve our world by investing in the future; a future we hope will be cleaner, greener and environmentally sustainable.