Converting just one trash truck from diesel to natural gas is the pollution reduction equivalent of taking 325 cars off the road.

Our fleet of collection, transportation and street sweeping vehicles has one goal in mind, to pick up more than what they leave behind. While traditional trucks emit exhaust, carbon monoxide, and air pollution, many of our existing fleet of vehicles use clean burning natural gas as they make their rounds throughout the various communities we serve. In addition to our on-going fleet conversion project, CR&R is also investing in building a clean burning fuel infrastructure throughout our multi-county service areas. These fueling stations are strategically located in an effort to conveniently fuel our fleet of trucks and minimize the impact to the environment. But just running our trucks on natural gas is not enough. CR&R’s new Anaerobic Digester located in Perris, California will enable us to create our own Renewable Natural Gas, made from the organic waste that we collect. This will be the first project of its kind in the United States and will truly “close the loop” in our effort to re-engineer the way we do business for generations to come.