CR&R Incorporated owns and operates South Yuma County Landfill

From our humble beginning in 1963, CR&R Incorporated has become one of the most innovative and successful environmental service companies in the Western United States. With the addition of the South Yuma County Landfill in 2011, we have invested significantly to provide our customers with a wide range of services such as collection, material recovery, transportation, organics recycling, and landfill management. It’s part of our higher standard of responsibility and commitment to greener, more sustainable living that began nearly 50 years ago — and proudly continues today.

The South Yuma County Landfill is located in Arizona on the contiguous border between California, Sonora and Baja California, conveniently serving generators in four states. With strong presence in Yuma County Arizona, non-hazardous and California waste generators form a large cadre of businesses using the landfill. Our three-trench system handles both septic and commercial liquid waste. Our client’s experience prompt handling of profile applications and upon approval will be assigned a Waste Profile number within 72 hours. To assist with this process, we retain the services of Hydro Geo Chem. Inc. as consultants.

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