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What can go inside the recycle container? Do I have to wash out the items for the recycle container?

An expanded list of recyclables is provided in your service area’s Recycling link. Briefly, plastics exhibiting the numbers 1-7 in recyclable arrows; most glass food and beverage containers, milk or juice cartons, uncoated, uncontaminated paper, including business papers, shoe boxes, cereal and cracker boxes, newspapers, metals, such as tin and aluminum cans, empty paint cans with […]

Why are we not receiving the proceeds from the sale of recyclables?

The commodities market is highly volatile, unpredictable and subject to wide market swings. The cities served by CR&R have arranged for CR&R’s material recovery facility (MRF) to assume that risk by taking all recyclables regardless of the market fluctuations. While the cities do not earn revenue for the recyclables, they also do not pay for […]

What size are your rental bins?

CR&R provides rental bins with a capacity of approximately three (3) cubic yards for small jobs, and 10- to 40-cubic yard capacity bins for larger disposal needs.

What is my trash collection day?

Residents may call the Customer Service center to request collection schedule information. Click on your service area to get the Customer Service phone number for your location.

Why can’t I choose to have another company pick up my trash?

Most cities prefer to have one company responsible for service to limit the number of trucks on the streets, centralize reporting, standardize containers and collection days, and benefit from the economies of a single contractor which contributes to rate stability.

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