Imagine a carbon-free, ultra-low emission, locally produced, renewable transportation fuel with enough energy to power heavy-duty vehicles.

CR&R Environmental Services is investing in an advanced technology known as Anaerobic Digestion (AD) and will soon be capable of producing this fuel to power its natural gas refuse collection trucks. This 100% Renewable Natural Gas will be created from the organic waste we collect on our routes.

We are currently under construction of a processing facility that can accept organic waste and convert this material to an ultra clean fuel that will power our collection vehicles. It’s an advanced technology that moves waste and its’ associated methane emissions away from the landfill and into our vehicles in the form of a renewable natural gas; the cleanest transportation fuel available today. In addition, we will also create a high-grade compost material for farms, gardens and other agricultural facilities. The AD system will be located at CR&R’s facility in Perris, California.

A digester “digests” organic waste, producing a “biogas”. State-of-the-art systems will clean up the biogas and convert it into a renewable natural gas to be used in compressed natural gas collection trucks servicing Southern California!

This proprietary process is unique to CR&R and is fully enclosed with zero untreated emissions. It has the highest energy conversion rate in the industry due to its state-of-art design and digital controls. The plant will be water wise by utilizing “recycled” water from our local waste water treatment plant.

The digester produces zero untreated emissions in a completely closed loop system that will:
  • Eliminate more than 99% of greenhouse gas emissions from vehicle operations – the equivalent of taking thousands of cars in your community off the road. (4.8 metric tons per vehicle, EPA, 2009)
  • Allow communities who participate meet the 75% recycling rate – now a State Goal
  • Utilize waste collection trucks that have the lowest emissions in California
  • Provide water-saving fertilizer and soil products for landscape and farm use from organic material not converted to bio methane
  • Utilize proven technology for guaranteed performance and results