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How am I supposed to know when my dumpster is at its weight limit?

You won’t know how much the container weighs, but clean-up bins (3 yard) are designed to hold light weight material not heavy construction debris like concrete, brick, dirt, tile, asphalt, etc. If you keep heavy material out of the bin, you should be able to keep within the 500 lb. weight limit.

How do I start/stop service?

Customers who would like to begin or cancel their service may do so by contacting the Customer Service center for their area. Click on your service area to get the Customer Service phone number for your location.

Temp Services: Are the rules and restrictions available on your website?

We offer containers for rent from 3 cubic yards up to 40 cubic yards. The typical rental schedule for the bin is 7 days. If you need to keep it longer than 7 days, please contact us at least one business day in advance so we can reschedule the exchange or removal upon availability. A […]

What holidays are you closed?

Please click on the “Holiday Schedule” for a list of the holidays that we observe in your area.

How do I schedule an order for a large or bulky item to be picked up?

Most residential customers are entitled to a “bulky-item” pick-up without charge. Call our Customer Service department to schedule a pick-up. Click on your service area to get the Customer Service phone number for your location. You will need to provide a description of the material to be collected. If you have more than a few items, we […]

I’ve seen people digging through my trash, and I’ve also witnessed people dumping their trash into my cans. What is CR&R doing about these situations?

Residents can reduce the chances of scavengers having access to recyclables by setting the containers out in the morning of pick-up, rather than the night before. You may also want to consider tearing up or shredding personal documents. Also, try placing items that have value (such as soda cans, bottles) on the bottom of the […]

What can go inside the recycle container? Do I have to wash out the items for the recycle container?

An expanded list of recyclables is provided in your service area’s Recycling link. Briefly, plastics exhibiting the numbers 1-7 in recyclable arrows; most glass food and beverage containers, milk or juice cartons, uncoated, uncontaminated paper, including business papers, shoe boxes, cereal and cracker boxes, newspapers, metals, such as tin and aluminum cans, empty paint cans with […]

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