Street Sweeping is one of our most important and visible community services.

Our streets are not just roadways for motor vehicles; they are often bikeways for cyclists as well as pathways that lead to our creeks, rivers, and beaches. They also serve as play areas for our kids’ neighborhood games. Left unclean, our streets are conduits for heavy metals that coat the asphalt, endangering wildlife and clean water supplies in our communities. In addition, glass and other hazardous materials threaten the well being of our pets while leaves and other debris clog our gutters and drains creating perilous conditions during stormy weather. CR&R’s street sweeping fleet addresses these environmental concerns with minimal impact to our communities. CR&R can offer cost-effective street sweeping solutions for your City or County. In addition, when combined with our waste-hauling services, we are able to make it convenient for residents and businesses to contact a single customer service provider with questions or requests for assistance. We’re committed to being a part of the solution to conserve our natural resources, reduce pollution and keep our community’s streets clean. For more information or to hear what other communities are saying about our service, please contact us today.